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Flying Past Mountains… and other airplane thoughts

Today marks the end of my last college Thanksgiving break. I’m sure my dad is reading this and laughing outloud to himself, because my entire Senior year so far I’ve been saying everything is “the last first day of school,” “my last Fall in Boston,” “my last class registration” – basically just being overly-emotional and making a big deal out of everything… but, really, isn’t that what girls are supposed to do? If you’re a girl reading this, don’t try to tell me you didn’t do the same thing your senior year of high school and/or college…!

Anyway, I guess the real reason I’m putting such a big emphasis on the “last” of everything is that it’s pretty weird knowing I’m going to be graduating from college soon… in a few days less than 6 months, to be exact. And who knows where I’ll end up, what I’ll be doing (please hire me!). All I know is I’ve changed a lot since I first started college.  And one of the ways I’ve changed I just noticed today while I was at the airport.

When I first headed to college, I had only ever flown on a plane by myself once or twice before. I wasn’t very used to it. Walking around the airport, I felt like a little snowflake in the middle of a huge snowstorm (gotta love winter-themed similes!). I didn’t know my way around the airport, I took way too long taking my shoes off and my laptop out of my bag getting through security, and I definitely couldn’t entertain myself for 6 hours on the plane.

But not only have I learned to deal with airports and airplanes, I’ve grown to somewhat love traveling. Because I decided today (this morning, rather) that being a college student at the airport is actually very empowering!

Here’s why:

1. College students outnumber other people at the airport at many times during the year. I don’t have any actual statistics to prove this, but really, we all fly on the same days during the year, and there’s hundreds of thousands of us… college students, unite!

2. We fly a lot. And consistently. While many people only travel at random times during the year for vacation or business, college students generally (besides the occasional vacation or spur-of-the-moment trip) fly during the same times each year: August/September (going to school), Thanksgiving break, Christmas break, Spring break, then May/June (going home). Many of those are very busy times of the year, because of holidays. So we are pros at navigating our way through busy airports, we don’t get annoyed or fed up waiting in long security lines, and we know how to find the good food and places to sit in each terminal. So we can walk with a certain kind of swagger, knowing we’re airport pros, while we smile and nod at our fellow students throughout the airport… the real question is, will we still be airport pros after we graduate and become “real people”? Well, at least for that last flight home after graduation…!

3. As college students, we have many more ways to entertain ourselves on long flights than other travelers do. Because a.) we’re used to traveling (see #2), and b.) most of us (I guess I’m generalizing here, but at least this is true for me and most of my friends at Emerson) love technology, social media, the internet, etc… For example, right now I’m on a 6-hour flight to Boston. But instead of trying to force myself to sleep, I’m blogging! I’m also tweeting… and checking-in on Foursquare (yep, in the sky!)…

4. One of the main things that defines a college student is having homework – and what better place to do it than on the plane? I guess this really would fall under reason #3, but it’s not so much “entertaining” as it is just something to do… So while I personally am not doing my homework right now (blogging is much more fun, and I can do my homework later…!), I’m sure there’s many other students on my flight doing theirs!

5. As college students (or at least myself), we don’t exactly have much time to spend doing recreational reading. If we’re reading, it’s probably a textbook, or another book required for class. So for me, the airplane is one of the few chances I get to just simply sit down and read a book! Right now I’m reading the 4th Twilight book, Breaking Dawn (don’t judge!).

So all you college students out there, whether you fly home, train home, drive home, bus home, or walk home (does anyone really do that?), just know there’s tons of us out there! Like I said before, college students unite! I’ve seen at least 5 people from my high school class at the airport and on the plane so far today… it’s like a mini-reunion! So if I’m seeing college students I know, imagine how many there are that I don’t know! Just look for the young-ish looking people wearing sweatpants, sweatshirts, and leggings…!

And on that note, since it is my LAST THANKSGIVING BREAK EVER (!!!), I figured I should mention some of the things I’m thankful for. I’m sure I will forget at least a few of them (there’s so many!), but here’s 10 things I’m grateful for in my life, and specifically in this past year:

1. My family. Words cannot describe how much I love you all and how grateful I am for you guys (and how grateful I am that you actually read my blog posts…! That makes 3 people… haha)! You are THE most important people in my life.

2. My health (and my family’s health). I have a cold right now, but I’m not complaining… it could be much much worse.

3. My sorority sisters. You are always there for me, to support me, to laugh with me, to cry with me, or to just have fun with me!

4. The Olympics/Paralympics. And the people I worked with at both. This past February-March was probably the best 2 months of my life so far. Such an amazing experience! And to those of you I worked with (or worked for!), you are all amazing and I hope to work with you again in the future (London 2012, anyone?)! I brought my volunteer backpack on the plane with me…!

5. Technology. Ok, I know that sounds kind of superficial, but really… what would you do without the internet? Well, maybe you’d be just fine and dandy, but I don’t know what I would do without it! I mean, I’d be fine, but life would not be as fun or as productive! Thank you internet for Twitter, blogs, video blogs, and all the other fun things that I love (and hope to have a job related to someday)! And thank you for the free wifi I’m using right now on the plane…!

6. Emerson. Yes, I have my complaints (but so does any college student about their school!), but really, Emerson has been great to me in this last year. I got to take a semester off but still receive credit for a directed study about the Olympics (in which I blogged and video blogged about the Games), and now the school has let me skip prerequisites to get into a 300-level Marketing class (I wish I could just magically have a Marketing major…!), and skip prereqs to get into the capstone I wanted for my Broadcast Journalism major. So thank you, Emerson, for letting me bend the rules a bit to get everything I want out of my expensive education!

7. Airplanes. I had to say it. I definitely couldn’t go to Emerson if airplanes didn’t exist… or do a bunch of other amazing things!

8. Beautiful views. I have never appreciate how beautiful Seattle is until going to college, and especially this past year. Also, the beautiful views on the Boston Esplanade, and from the airplane!

thanks again, technology, for letting me take this picture on the plane!

9. Whistler. Thank you for the Olympics, Thanksgiving breaks, and too many days of snowboarding to count (especially the days with the fam!).

Pops, the (not-so) little bro, and me on the mountain yesterday! We missed ya, mom!

10. And last, but definitely not least, all the necessities in life. The ones most of us take for granted most of the time. Housing, clothes, food (my personal favorite), and everything else we need to get by in life. Take a moment today to remember and appreciate everything you have in your life, because there’s tons of others out there who don’t have those things!

I hope you all had a great (LAST or not last…) Thanksgiving break! Let me know some of the things you’re thankful for in the comments! Or just what you did over your break…!




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the Good, the Bad, and the Strugly

Everyone always complains about Mondays. They come after Sunday (the best and most relaxing day of the week!), and it’s the day everyone has to go back to work (or school) and (hypothetically) stop having fun.

But this week, I had one of the best Mondays I’ve had in a while! Here’s why (in chronological order):

7:00AM – my LAST class registration… EVER! So crazy to think about, but kind of exciting (I can pretend I’m not freaking out about graduating… right?). Anyway, no major problems to speak of…

8:15AM – a FREE pastry at Starbucks! @BostonTweet tweeted out that all day, at the Starbucks in City Place (right by Emerson), if you showed your student ID, you could get a free pastry with a purchase of any drink! So I got my usual holiday Pumpkin Spice Latte, and got a free Blueberry Scone along with it! mmm! (thank you, Twitter!)

10AM – a Boston Duck Tour! Yes, it’s November, it was cold out (but I had my P.S. Latte!), and it was a school day… But my friend Nicole and I bought discounted duck tour tickets on BuyWithMe.com back in August (wow that was a long time ago…!) and they were going to expire next week, and I didn’t have class until noon. So what better way to start my week than that? The duck tour was amazing, and reminded me that Boston is actually a really great/cool city (I catch myself complaining about it a lot, because of the cold, the smokers, and the distance from Seattle), with a lot of meaning and history built into the things I see and take for granted every day. (I brought my FlipCam on the tour – of course! – so I’ll be posting a vlog in the next few days with the coolest things I learned on the tour! Keep checking back!)

Here’s a snapshot from the Duck Tour:

our awesome tour guide pointing out something awesome!

12PM – TV News Producing Class… meh… nothing too exciting to report here. Except my job for my class was Graphics, and the producer hadn’t decided what graphics I needed to make yet, so I just kept checking my e-mail, and refreshing the HerCampus.com homepage to see if they had posted the winner of the New Balance Campus Fitness Blogger challenge!

1:30PM – I won! I got a tweet from @aahschlee saying “Congratulations to @cassidyquinn for winning the @newbalance campus fitness blog challenge for @hercampus!!!!” I was so surprised! I had been refreshing the HerCampus site, and hadn’t seen it pop up, so I didn’t think they had decided on the winner yet! But then I checked the @HerCampus Twitter page, and, yep, there was a link to the New Balance fitness blog winners! So it was official, I won! Woo! I’m really honored and excited to have won! Besides getting a year’s worth of New Balance gear out of it, hearing the positive feedback from New Balance fitness expert Holly Perkins (who chose the winner) was amazing! Here’s what she said about me:

“I choose CASSIDY QUINN!!!!!  Cassidy was absolutely engaging, fun, insightful, and offered so much content.  She created the most content by far of all the gals and used a great deal of video to make it extra interesting.  She was gracious and gave many “shout outs” to New Balance and really appreciated her swag.  She was very clear that her goal was to apply the suggestions I gave her, and also offer some other insights of her own.  She obviously put a ton of time into the creation of her videos, which were fun, funny, creative and crafty.  She really addressed the challenge at hand and offered some additional content.  She also incorporated Twitter a great deal- I had been following her all along. Love her.”

Thank you, Holly!!

(also, congrats to Meagan Aguayo for winning the Readers’ Choice Award!)

4:15PM – I got into a class I really wanted to take… using Twitter! As I said before, I was fairly satisfied with my class schedule as of 7AM when I registered. But there was one class I really wanted to get into: Social Media Marketing (aka Emerson Social Media, or #ESM). This is a 300-level class for Marketing Majors, with 2 prerequisites. So I didn’t think my chances for getting in were great… So, as I usually do when I am in class and have feelings to express, I took to Twitter to discuss my desires to get into ESM:

Tweet #1: I REALLY want 2 take the @emersoncollege #ESM class 4 next semester, hoping it doesn’t fill up b4 they let me in!#iwishiwasamarketingmajor

Tweet #2: @ZachACole I know, #ESM sounds PERFECT for me! but I’m not a Marketing major & haven’t taken the prereqs… ugh!

I had been e-mailing back and forth with someone from the Marketing department at Emerson, trying to see what I could do to get into the class (which basically was “wait it out, if there’s still spots left in a couple of weeks maybe we’ll let you in”). But then all the sudden, a new e-mail popped up on my phone, saying that the person from the Marketing department had seen my tweets, and I would be allowed to register for the class right then! Yippee! So, for all you Twitter-haters out there, there is yet ANOTHER reason Twitter is helpful – #itoldyoutwitterisuseful (I used that hashtag when I found out I got into the class!)

5:45PM – I took a nap! Mmm… that is all.

6:30PM – Emerson Fights AIDS Date Auction! Emerson Fights AIDS (EFA) is a 10-year-old organization/week at Emerson, where a bunch of events are held to raise money for Broadway Cares/Equity Fights Aids. This year, I was asked to be an auction item in the EFA Date Auction, where students can bid on their classmates for a variety of different dates. I was really nervous that no one would bid on me, but I ended up being won for $80! And I get to go to an opera with the boy who won me! So that was a good end to my great Monday, because not only did I get bid on (*phew*), but I wasn’t even one of the lowest items – woo!

But, of course, after my amazing Monday, the week could only go downhill…

My friend Elise, who was my roommate in LA this summer, has a blog called “e-strugs” (it’s hilarious, you should read it!) about her random struggles (strugs) in life, and in a post last week she said “The thing about strugs is that they happen when you start to take yourself too seriously-they provide some comic relief to be like ‘OK I’m not perfect.'”

And that is exactly what Tuesday did for me…

Tuesday, I woke up right when I needed to be in class (and I needed to finish some homework before class)… which was already a problem. But then, as I rushed around trying to throw on some clothes super quickly, I realized that my throat was dying. Well, I guess not actually dying, but it was swollen, in pain, and I could barely speak. I also realized I was really dizzy, more tired than usual, and my body was achey and tingly – clearly none of these were good signs. So, cool, I was sick. The teacher of the class I was about to be late for is a huge stickler on not having sick students come to class (to avoid contaminating the other students), so I knew she wouldn’t want me show up.

So instead of going to class (and before taking a much-needed nap), I called my mom, expecting to just talk about winning the HerCampus competition, the Date Auction, and my class registration. Instead, it ended up with me crying about how I don’t know what I want to do with my life after graduation Me: “I just want to go across the world and run around and make video blogs!” Mom: “how are you going to make money doing that…?”), and just overall not making myself feel any better in addition to my sickness…

So before I even left my apartment, Tuesday was not off to a great start. As the day progressed, my stomach started to not feel so great (I could barely even enjoy my Subway footlong!), my head started throbbing, and the temperature of my body was changing every few minutes… fun…

But just when my energy was at its lowest point, I showed up to the Greek Council Lip Sync Contest, where the Greek orgs on campus were competing, lip syncing to songs from the early 2000s. I didn’t really feel like dancing, or lip syncing, but I had already paid my $3 to get in, so I figured I might as well stay. And I ended up having a ton of fun! Dancing around to Macy Gray, Cher, Destiny’s Child, and Missy Elliot with my sorority sisters brought my energy way up, and put me in a great mood!

Here’s a picture from the Lip Sync:

go team AEPhi!

So Tuesday wasn’t the best of days, but it ended on a good note. And I think the reason why it had its ups and downs is exactly what Elise said in her blog.

On Monday, I was having too good of a day, so Tuesday had to balance that out (with sickness strugs). But just when I started to feel terrible about myself, and take the day too seriously, I decided to give in and make a fool of myself dancing and lip syncing (I also did an extra rendition of “Somebody to Love” by Justin Bieber once the competition was over) – I wouldn’t necessarily say that the lip sync was a strug, but it was goofy, and some would say it was embarrassing (though I’m tough to embarrass…), so I’ll term it a “happy strug.”

Basically, here’s my point: Don’t take yourself too seriously. Enjoy the days that go amazingly well, but be prepared for it to go downhill from there… but just when you think a day can’t get worse, do something random and you’ll be surprised by the difference it makes!

I hope you are all having a great week! It’s almost Thanksgiving (I leave for home in 2 days – yay!!)! Work hard the rest of this week, so that you can take advantage of family time next week, without feeling guilty about not doing work!

As always, thanks for reading!

— Cassidy

P.S. I know I’m not always the best at updating this blog very often… I always come up with the excuse that “I don’t have any time,” etc. etc… but here’s my new plan: whenever I am sitting around thinking “hmm… what should I do?” I WILL write a blog post (that’s how this post came about – not being allowed to go to class left me with some unexpected free time). Even if I can’t think of anything extremely meaningful to blog about…


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