Wow… it’s been a while!


Ok, I know… I haven’t blogged in FOREVER! Not since May 1st – that’s a long time! I started this blog to show everyone my Olympics and Paralympics coverage, but I didn’t think it would end there… so I won’t let it! I just get busy and forget to post sometimes…

This post isn’t going to be meaningful, insightful, or focused on any kind of newsworthy event or topic – it’s just going to be informative – about my life – because I’ve been doing lots of things since May 1st, I just haven’t mentioned any of them on here! So here’s a few tidbits and stories from my “summer” (mine started in March…) thus far:

1. After the Paralympics ended in March, I soothed my post-Vancouver-2010 depression by keeping busy. Ok, fine, I wasn’t busy at all – I was lazy. I sat around at home in Seattle, did workout DVDs with my mom, searched the Internet for summer internships, Tweeted, babysat, ate food… the usual things one does when he or she is bored.

But it was great. I don’t know when the next time in my life will be where I have 2 months to kill, to just sit around and do absolutely nothing, and not be worried about not making any money. At first, I was really bad at it. I hated the fact that all of my friends were at school having fun without me, and I just sat around moping, struggling to keep myself entertained. But then I learned to embrace the boredom – er, free time – and started to relax, stopped stressing, and just straight up hung out. It was really good for me to learn how to do that, because, I’ll be honest, I do get a bit stressed out sometimes. My brain definitely needed the break!

2. Now I’m in Los Angeles! Only for 2 more days… but my mom and I drove down here together at the end of May, and since then I’ve been interning at the NBC News Burbank Bureau (I’ll expand on my internship in another post) and taking a class through Emerson (Entertainment & Interactive PR – I’ve never taken a marketing class, but now I know that if the whole broadcasting thing fails there’s something else out there I’d be interested in doing!).

LA has been amazing. The place I’m staying has a pool, hottub, gym, C-store – really, what else could you need for a California summer?! Honestly, my only complaint about being here is that it’s only really rained once the past 2 months! 3 times the clouds teased me, sprinkling a tiny bit, but definitely not enough to need an umbrella, windshield wipers, or enough to clean my dirty car. Then finally, 2 weekends ago, I was driving back to LA from Malibu (which was a beautiful beach, but the cloud cover was crazy that day!), and while I was stuck in traffic on the freeway the weather all the sudden turned from sunny to rainy! REAL RAIN! FOR A WHOLE 2 MINUTES!! My friends in the car with me thought I was crazy, as I rolled down my window and stuck my head and hands out, catching raindrops on my tongue. What can I say, I really am a true Seattleite, eh?

3. Oops, sorry, this update is going to have to be continued at a later date… because I’m going to go enjoy my 2nd to last night in Los Angeles! Cookie-baking time!

And I promise it won’t take me 2 more months before I finish this update… I’ll be back asap!

In the meantime, here’s a little taste of my time in LA – for now, you’ll just have to guess the stories behind all of the pictures!



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