Get Me to Canada, Already!

So, my Olympics volunteer journey is about to begin! It’s 19 days until the opening ceremonies of the 2010 Winter Olympic Games, and only 11 days until I begin my first shift as a volunteer!

I received some exciting news this week! When I was assigned the position of Olympic News Service (ONS) Coordinator, I told someone at the ONS that I am a Broadcast Journalism student, and that I have done a lot of reporting so far in school. They told me that all of the ONS Reporter positions were already full, but if one of the reporters dropped out of his or her position, I may be able to take his or her spot. I was persistent, checking in every once in a while, letting them know I was still interested in a reporter position, and asking if any spots had opened up yet. And, as of last week, all the spots were still full.

But then, Thursday night, I received a call, saying the ONS needed to fill a spot as a reporter at the Whistler Sliding Centre. I told them I would gladly step in and accept the role! So now I will be covering the bobsled, luge, and skeleton competitions! I am very excited for my new job, because I will now be doing exactly what I want to do in my career! I will be interviewing athletes, and getting all the facts from the events, so that the ONS can put the information on their server!

I still don’t know exactly what my job will entail, because I haven’t had my training yet, but I will soon! I’m heading up to Whistler next Friday, January 29th, and I begin my job on February 9th. I get to pick up my volunteer uniform and accreditation the day before I start my position. I already picked up my free ticket to the dress rehearsal of the Olympics opening ceremony, and it even came with a free bottle of wine with the Olympics logo on it. I can’t wait to have all of my Olympics gear, and start my job!

As for now, I’m taking advantage of my free time – sleeping in, relaxing, enjoying my last few days with no obligations before the chaos of the Olympic kicks in. I’m also in the process of reading Mitt Romney’s book, Turnaround: Crisis, Leadership, and the Olympic Games. It’s a very interesting read so far, because I’ve never before thought about all of the factors that go into producing a successful Olympic games.

I will keep updating as the Olympics get closer – I can’t wait for them to begin! This whole thing still doesn’t really even seem real to me. I can’t believe I actually figured out how to miss a semester of college and volunteer at the Olympics! I’ve been joking about doing this since I graduated high school, but it’s somehow actually happening!


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